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Press Release – August 1, 2011

Deinhard Lane Construction

On August 1st, construction will begin on Deinhard Lane between Highway 55 and Thula Avenue. This project is a 100% ARRA funded grant project and will consist of widening Deinhard Lane, installing storm sewer, and curb, gutter and sidewalk along the north side of the road. It is anticipated that a majority of construction work will be completed by the end of August. All businesses will remain open during construction. For additional information, please call Public Works at 634-5580.


The City of McCall is proposing to undertake the following improvements at the McCall Municipal Airport, as recommended by the 2007 Airport Master Plan and which are necessary to correct Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design standard deficiencies:

  • Relocate the parallel taxiway to meet runway centerline / taxiway centerline separation standards.
  • Acquire approximately 16 acres of land east of the parallel taxiway for taxiway construction and protection from encroachment by incompatible land uses.

These actions are necessary to bring the Airport into compliance with FAA design standards for the Airport’s existing airport reference code (ARC) of B-II, while complying with Federal and State environmental regulations. The future ARC is projected to be C-II, based on the Airport Master Plan, and the McCall City Council has voted to construct the taxiway to the C-II separation standard of 300 feet. Construction of the taxiway to C-II standards will require acquisition of approximately 8.16 acres. The City Council also voted to retain the option to purchase an additional 7.91 acres for airport protection from incompatible land uses.

The FAA, as lead agency, has determined that an Environmental Assessment (EA) should be prepared for the proposed action.

There are no project-related impacts, but for these categories: Biotic Resources, Construction, and Wetland. For the Biotic Resources and Construction categories, it is not anticipated that there will be significant impacts. The proposed action, including best management practices and avoidance of environmental impacts where applicable, has been developed in consultation with Federal, State, and Local officials as appropriate. The project will involve 1.39 acres of impacts to jurisdictional wetlands, which will be offset through the purchase of off-site wetland mitigation banking credits.

The Draft EA was prepared under FAA guidelines for such documents. The public comment period for this Draft EA is July 22 – August 22, 2011. Copies of the Draft EA are available for inspection at the McCall Public Library, the City of McCall (City Hall and Airport Administration Office), and the Seattle Airports District Office of the FAA in Renton, WA.

Comments should be sent to Rainse Anderson, at WHPacific, 9755 SW Barnes Road, Suite 300, Portland, Oregon, 97225, or by August 22, 2011.

A hearing can be requested by the public, written notice stating such must be submitted to WHPacific, Inc. and received by August 22, 2011.

Press Release - July 14, 2011

City of McCall Offers Opportunity for Public Input into FY12 Budget Development

Interested residents of the City of McCall are encouraged to join the McCall City Manager and Department Heads for the annual Budget Workshop on July 20, 2011 at 6:00 pm, in Legion Hall (216 East Park Street). The meeting will focus on preparation of a draft McCall Budget for Fiscal Year 2012, which begins on October 1 of this year.

The workshop with the public is part of the ongoing effort by the City to encourage public comment during the budget development process. All McCall residents are invited and encouraged to attend this event and provide input on priorities for the next year and beyond. The first part of the workshop beginning at 6:00 pm will be a formal presentation by the City Manager outlining the City’s draft budget for the coming fiscal year. At the end of his presentation, citizens will have the opportunity to ask questions and to have informal conversations with the City Department Heads regarding their draft budgets and the services provided by their departments.

The City of McCall is also offering residents a chance to provide input into the budget development process from home. In addition to the scheduled budget workshop, the City has added the draft budget to the City of McCall web site with a link to submit comments or questions ( Since the draft budget will continue to evolve until final approval at the end of August, the most current draft budget will be posted on the City web site.

The City Manager and Department Heads will respond to questions and consider all comments as the draft budget is prepared for City Council review and eventual approval.

If you have any questions or need more information contact Lindley Kirkpatrick, City Manager or Linda Stokes, Treasurer at City Hall (634-7142).

For Immediate Release – July 11, 2011

Contact: Sergeant Pete Rittenger, (208) 634-7144

Trash Enclosure Reminder

McCall – The City of McCall would like to remind citizens of the City’s trash enclosure requirements. A trash enclosure is required for all commercial and industrial trash collection containers. Properties, such as multi-unit residential developments, that have a community trash collection area or facility must also have an enclosure.

The design of commercial and industrial trash enclosures must be submitted to and approved by the City’s Community Development Department prior to the enclosure being constructed.

The Police Department’s Code Enforcement officers will be assessing trash enclosure compliance in the upcoming weeks. Code Enforcement officers will be working with properties identified as needing an enclosure, or having a non-conforming enclosure, in order for those properties to be in compliance with the City Code.

The City Code regarding trash enclosures (3.8.09) can be found on the City of McCall website

For questions regarding trash enclosure compliance and enforcement please contact a Code Enforcement Officer at 634-7144.

For questions regarding trash enclosure design standards or the approval process please contact Community Development at 634-7052.



BessieJo Wagner
City of McCall
(208) 634-4874

Committee Members Needed

The City of McCall is seeking civic-minded individuals to fill open seats on the Local Option Tax Commission.

The current vacancies on the Local Option Tax Commission are for a city resident representative and a current City Committee Member. The Local Option Tax Commission is responsible for making recommendations to the City Council for the use of the revenues collected under the Local Option Tax. Persons who are interested in the use of the Local Option Tax revenue are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in serving on this committee, please submit a letter of interest to BessieJo Wagner, City Clerk, 216 E. Park Street, McCall, ID 83638 or by email at by June 1, 2011.




Once again winter is rapidly approaching and the City of McCall would like to remind our residents that we need your help in assuring that the City is able to safely remove snow and ice from our roads. This year the National Weather Service has predicted a colder and wetter winter than normal which should translate into a normal to above normal snowfall season. The City of McCall would also like to remind residents to carry in their cars a winter survival kit for their safety.

The City of McCall has a few additional reminders:

  • City right-of-ways need to be kept clear of vehicles, garbage cans, and any other obstructions. If obstructions are located within the right-of-way, the City of McCall is not responsible for any damage that occurs.
  • Snow from your driveways and sidewalks should not be deposited onto the city roads and rights-of-ways. For those residents employing the services of private snow removing contractors, please make sure that they are in compliance of this requirement.
  • Under city code it is the responsibility of the business or homeowner to keep the sidewalks and walking paths in front of your business or home clear of snow and ice.
  • Home and business owners are encouraged to “adopt” a fire hydrant near their homes and assist in keeping them clear of snow and ice.

It is important to understand that snow removal crews typically begin work at 4:00 am or earlier if there has been a recent snowfall of 3” or more. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause, but it is necessary. The Streets Superintendent monitors the weather, and calls in the crew early for plowing as needed. Crews work seven days a week, and the threshold on weekends is 4” of new snow. The City has a web cam for monitoring snow accumulation, and it can be viewed at our web site, under Public Works.

The City uses three graders, four loaders, two plow trucks, two sanding trucks, and a crew of nine operators. They remove snow from more than 40 miles of streets in the City limits, as well as, two public parking lots downtown, and at Rotary Park. Each route is designed and timed to clear school bus and McCall Transit routes before the buses arrive, as weather permits Separate crews remove the snow at the Airport, within parks and along some bike paths.

Crews attempt to clear streets to 25’ wide. Following larger snowfalls, and as the season progresses, it may take several days to reach this goal. The Public Works Department asks for the residents’ cooperation and understanding during this winter season. The crew also cuts ice build-up, and periodically “wings back” the banks of snow on the side of the streets to allow for future snow storage. The crew also removes snow from fire hydrants between storms, when not clearing streets.

City streets are sanded after snow removal, on an as-needed basis. The crew monitors the road conditions and distributes sanding material when needed. During a snowstorm, it is not always practical to sand streets, as the new snow covers the sand and it becomes ineffective. Busy intersections will be sanded as needed while it is snowing.

The City also would like to encourage residents to consider what they need to do to get ready for winter. Among other things, residents should:

  • Make sure they have adequate snow supplies at home--shovels, along with sand or de-icer is a good start.
  • Ensure that vehicles are equipped for snow. Tires should be aggressive enough for winter weather and throw a winter survival kit in the trunk, including at least a blanket, shovel, traction sand and basic supplies.
  • Check with neighbors who might need assistance keeping their driveways and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. Offer to help them throughout the winter season.

The Public Works Department wishes you a happy and safe winter season and thanks you for your cooperation and patience.


The City of McCall and the Payette Lakes Recreational Water and Sewer District are pleased to announce a resolution of the long-standing dispute between the two entities. The agreement was reached after three days of mediation and the terms will be made public during a court appearance in Cascade next Tuesday.

McCall honored at America in Bloom awards

McCall's gardens, landscapes, and community members were honored during the 2010 America in Bloom annual awards ceremony held in St. Louis on October 2nd. During the awards ceremony, McCall was especially recognized for its community involvement efforts. Specially trained judges visited towns of similar populations and spent two days touring the town in July, meeting municipal officials, residents, and volunteers. Each city was judged for tidiness, community involvement, environmental awareness, heritage, urban forestry, landscape, floral displays, and turf and groundcover.

McCall also was one of three cities nominated for an award for landscaped areas, with the award going to Westfield, N.J. America in Bloom, based in Columbus, Ohio, is an independent, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting nationwide beautification programs and personal and community involvement through the use of flowers, plants, trees, and other environmental and lifestyle enhancements. Each participating city received a "Bloom Rating" of one to five blooms for overall effort. McCall was awarded a Bloom Rating of four blooms, which is outstanding for the first year of participation.

McCall’s participation was sponsored by the McCall Improvement Committee, and supported by the City of McCall, local businesses, garden groups, area nurseries, and residents. Community members and organizations are encouraged to get involved for next year’s competition. Contact Carol at 634-3504 or for more information.

Full 2010 America in Bloom Evaluation for McCall, Idaho

Cities of McCall and Donnelly Receive $132,500 Recovery Act Funds from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Program


OER Announces Grant Award to McCall to Boost-Start Them on Becoming a Solar City

The Office of Energy Resources (OER) has announced awarding the City of McCall nearly $172,000 for the development of a Renewable Energy Enterprise Zone (REEZ) in the McCall area. The City is working with a private renewable energy provider, Idaho Solar Power, to take the first steps to making McCall a sustainable community by installing several solar systems.

Funding for this project will go towards installing solar electric panels on public, non-profit, and private commercial properties within the REEZ area to generate electricity which will connect to Idaho Power’s electrical grid system through the net metering program. The property owners will be able to off-set their electricity usage. The off-set will allow the City and non-profits to use energy cost savings for other needs. Project partners would provide a cash match, and the total project cost is estimated to be $228,005.

“The City has received considerable support from the community for this effort” said a VIP from the McCall area.

City staff also consulted with representatives of Idaho Power and a renewable energy and building analyst regarding the development of this solar energy proposal. City leaders plan to examine its current zoning and development codes to insure that viable renewable energy efforts do not become stalled due to the development approval process. Currently, McCall does not have any restrictions on the installation of solar technology on buildings in its jurisdiction, which is the corporate City limits and the McCall area of impact, a total of 27.7 square miles.

This funding opportunity was designed to spur economic growth and job creation by encouraging renewable energy development collaboration between local authorities and energy developers. Although $1.5 million was earmarked from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act for this competitive grant program OER had over $5.5 million in requests. A total of 26 grant requests were received and 12 grant awards were offered including the McCall project.

More information about the state energy stimulus projects and the Office of Energy Resources is available at


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